The Edmonton Community Foundation (ECF) is a charitable organization that supports and encourages philanthropy in Edmonton. ECF  approached us to help them expand their headquarters in their beloved Hilltop House. Built in 1912, Hilltop House is a charming former residence, but it didn't offer the organization enough space. ECF decided to integrate it with a neighbouring structure that had become vacant: the robust Telus Building, a former telephone equipment building from the 1960s. 

Marrying these two structures required a deeply collaborative approach through which ECF identified the requirements for their future. Ultimately, our design team created a new building to act as a link between the two existing structures. This link building reads as a transparent volume, therefore respecting the historical integrity of the two disparate structures that it unites. Energy efficiency upgrades were implemented at both Hilltop House and the Telus Building, offering occupants beautiful and healthy spaces.

Edmonton Community Foundation has invested in the historical legacy of its neighbourhood, and demonstrated its commitment to enhancing the community. Their core values very much align with ours: community leadership, visionary thinking and innovation. This project ensures that ECF will continue to lead Edmonton’s philanthropic initiatives as a prudent, invested stakeholder.

Scope: Renovation, New Construction
Completion: 2015
Size (m2): 1433
Location: Edmonton, Alberta

Our new space is in demand by groups we had hoped would use it, as well as others who are just hearing about it. The building that Manasc Isaac created for us enhances our ability to do our business in ways we hadn't even imagined.

From the principals of Manasc Isaac, throughout the team they assembled, their best people were brought to bear on our project - with outstanding results, on time and on budget, for us and for our community. — Martin Garber-Conrad, CEO, Edmonton Community Foundation