Manasc Isaac, like all families and businesses, understands that the COVID-19 pandemic we are currently facing is evolving and changing daily - even hourly! Our aim is to prepare for and respond to these ongoing changes in a way that balances our collective public safety with the excellent service delivery and contact that you expect from our team. Our office has always had a robust health and safety system, but for this specific situation, we have been planning for months to limit effects on our operations and ensure the well-being of our team - physically and mentally.

The following are some of the measures we have put in place to mitigate COVID-19 impact:

  • Travel has been cancelled. Staff returning from international locations are working from home upon arrival, self-isolating for 14 days.
  • Our entire staff team is working remotely, with regular check-ins with our office to keep our systems running smoothly.
  • Our team has enhanced hardware, software, and work strategies to allow better remote access to project files, and a stronger connection to one another.
  • Our long-standing peer mentorship program has become more integrated into our daily workflows through Google Hangouts, Zoom, WhatsApp, and Slack - each team has developed a strategy to connect with each other daily.
  • Our team has long been using BIM (Building Information Modeling) and virtual reality technologies to communicate with our clients and with each other; these software and hardware innovations allow us to work on design projects across distances, indefinitely.
  • Events held by our studio will be virtual, rather than in person, allowing us to remain connected to our community.

Our commitment to community, and to making the world a better place, starts with our actions here at home and in our studio. We are re-evaluating our response to current conditions daily.

All the best from Manasc Isaac!

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